The psychology department provides a happy place in which to explore the study of behaviour from social and scientific perspectives, using different approaches to understand how and why people behave as they do. We use analysis and interpretation of data and research, supported by applying statistical methods, to find solutions to issues that are prevalent in society, such as the influence of others and the importance of neuropsychological functioning.
Students enjoy researching, experimenting and making contributions to class discussions, using tolerance and non-judgemental attitudes that allow them to develop themselves as good people in society. Several decide to go on to study psychology at university and most wish to use their knowledge of psychology to complement other degree choices too.
Every student works hard to reach their potential, many high grades are achieved to ensure their acceptance to their chosen course; examples are forensics, medicine, criminology, law, economics and management, architecture and veterinary, the range of which demonstrate the versatility of psychology as a subject.