Introduction to Battle Abbey School

Introduction to Battle Abbey School 2022 English

Full Boarding

There are few places to board more unique than the Abbey, built on the site of the  Battle of Hastings. The rolling fields of the Sussex countryside and elegance of the school buildings ensure an experience that all our boarders remember for the rest of their lives. Boarding at Battle Abbey School enables boarders to become a member of a caring, close-knit international community. This not only broadens horizons but also facilitates life-long friendships around the world. 

Full-time boarding allows children to enjoy the full range of activities and support on offer in the boarding house. This includes help with their studies, pastoral care and a complete, enriching activity programme.

Sixth Form Boarding

Becoming a ‘Sixth Former’ marks an important moment in the life of any young person. It is the point when they can truly start the transition from school to university or the world of work. Sixth Form boarding has many advantages in this regard. Boarding in general is rich in the range of opportunities and activities on offer, however, in the Sixth Form there is an even greater emphasis on developing independence and leadership. Living on site also gives better access to teachers, resources and Art & Music facilities (amongst others) and high numbers of boarders go on to excel at top universities in the UK and beyond once they have left the Abbey.  

What our 21/22 Boarders say about Boarding

‘For me personally Battle Abbey Boarding school is my second family. Everyone treats each other with politeness. At any point people are ready to help you with all sort of problems. High quality food and activities included. If you are the part of Battle Abbey Boarding School – you are never going to be bored. I wish all boarding schools to be as ours!’ Sergey, 15, Russia

‘Boarding has genuinely been one of the most impactful times in my life, personally I have been able to develop myself and my work habits. The atmosphere in boarding was welcoming and warm, genuinely – the best thing about this place is the community and friendships I ‘ve made throughout boarding.’ Lee, 18, England/ Hong Kong

‘In my opinion, the best part of Battle Abbey is the people. Both students and teachers are very friendly and sweet and create a very family-like atmosphere in the school, as well as boarding.’ Polina, 16, Russia

‘The best thing about boarding is a friendly atmosphere and the possibility to meet new people with different background and learn about their culture.’ Alya, 18, Russia

‘In boarding I’ve grown friendships that I hope will last forever and have found a second home. I’ve learnt so many things about different cultures and developed my knowledge through my peers.’ Lucca, 18, Sweden/ England

‘Battle Abbey has become a second home for me. When I arrived two years ago from Germany, I was so nervous and scared, however within two days I began to enjoy every minute of this wonderful experience. It is important to try new things and meet new people and there is no better place for this than boarding.’ Amelie, 17, Germany

‘The building is beautiful, and the boarding team feels like a second family. You make so many new friends so quickly and you are welcomed with open arms! Here you have many opportunities to develop and grow beyond your limits!’ Rosa, 16, Germany

‘All the teachers are so amazing and helpful and will always help me through any problems and worries. The working environment is literally stunning and always feels like I can feel supported with my study. Amazing number of facilities and the sports is amazing, and all the PE staff are so nice and kind. All my fellow friends and peers at Battle Abbey School are so kind and welcoming and will always be on my side.’ Archie, 14, England/ France

‘When I first arrived here, I was so scared about making new friends but since my first day here I have never been so welcomed and accepted.’ Ibakha, 16, Wales

‘I was really surprised that when I first joined, everyone was really nice and welcoming. The school really feels like a home to me! It’s so nice to have friends from all over the world. I’m glad that I am part of this lovely family here at Battle Abbey.’ Manon, 15, French/ German