Academic Results

GCSE Results 2021
98% grades 9 – 4
92% grades 9 – 5
62% grades 9-7
40% grade 9 and 8
98% of pupils received at least 5 GCSEs at grade 9 – 5
89% 7-9 grades in Biology and Chemistry
100% 7-9 grades in Physics,
100% 7-9 grades in Astronomy
100% 7-9 grades in Further Maths
75% grades 7-9 in Art, Music, History, Geography, Computer Science, PE and Textiles

A Level Results 2021
93% of all grades at A* – C
63% of all grades at A* and A
7% of cohort destined for Oxford and Cambridge
48% of leavers destined for Russell Group Universities
100% A* & A grades in Drama
100% A* & A grades in Psychology
100% distinction star grades in Btec PE

A Levels 2021

Battle Abbey School is celebrating a fantastic set of A Level results with nearly two thirds of all grades at A and A*.

Craig Austen White, Academic Deputy Head, said; ‘With 7% of the cohort going on to Oxford or Cambridge and a fantastic 48% going on to Russel Group Universities, our Sixth Form leavers look set to fulfill the potential they exhibited so often in their time at Battle Abbey. Much has been mentioned in the national press about grade inflation at A Level but it’s heartening to see that Battle Abbey pupils have performed significantly better than the national average. In fact, the average grade for a Year 13 leaver this year was just short of an A; a quite exceptional statistic. Of course, this year the numbers do not paint the whole picture. Behind those numbers are stories of personal sacrifices,  lockdown challenges and family pressures and illness due to the pandemic. Our A Level cohort put in the time and the work and have a set of results that they richly deserve. They should be immensely proud of themselves.’

David Clark, Headmaster, said; ‘This has been a very trying year in terms of the level of disruption to our usual teaching methods, and perhaps most critically, the way pupils have been able to access the additional support that we feel gives our pupils the best opportunity to maximize their results. As ever, our pupils and teachers have gone above and beyond in terms of their dedication in securing this stunning set of results. We must not overlook the contribution our parents have made to this performance too. It’s often said at Battle Abbey but we really do regard our parents as partners and their unswerving dedication to providing the space and conditions at home to get the very best from their children should not be taken lightly’.

‘Special mention should go to our Oxford bound pupils Oliver Skeet, Ella McKilllion-Campbell and Dan Savage who all received A* grades across the board. There really are too many to mention individually but among others of note are Sophie Fowler (A* A* A* A) who will now go on to study Law with Hispanic Law at Leeds. James Graham (A* A* A) who will now go on to Edinburgh to study Mechanical Engineering. Zak Larkin (A* A* A*) who will be heading to Exeter to study Mathematics and Amelia Kirk-Brown (A* A* A) who will go to Cardiff to study Pharmacology.

Unusually we have three leavers going into Veterinary Medicine this year with Nina Lazarova (A* A* A) going to Surrey University and Eve Haley (A* A B) going to Bristol, whilst Daria McCarthy (A* A* A) will take a gap year to gain experience at a Veterinary practice before going on to University’.

‘Some of Battle Abbey School’s departments registered particularly pleasing results. Drama saw their pupils get A* and A grades across the board as did Psychology. Similarly, our entire Btec PE Cohort received Distinction star grades’.

‘The range of subjects is especially pleasing this year with Leah Slater going on to study Film and Spanish, Imogen Birkett Journalism, Alex O’Brien Liberal Arts, Megan Hopper Astro-Physics and George Fleet Cyber Security.’

‘Some of the most rewarding results for us are the pupils who with hard work and application have really excelled themselves turning the D and C grades into As and Bs which will now give them the spring board to access an array of opportunities that they perhaps weren’t expecting this time last year’.

GCSE 2021

Battle Abbey School is celebrating another year of fantastic GCSE results, with just over 40% of all grades at 9/8 (A* equivalent) and 98% of pupils achieving at least 5 grades 9-4 (old A* – C).

Craig Austen White, Academic Deputy Head, said; ‘This is a hugely impressive set of results from a group of pupils who have really adapted well to the changes in teaching that the pandemic necessitated. With the vaccine roll out and falling Covid rates there is much optimism ahead and, based on these results, the future looks particularly bright for this hard working and diligent cohort.’

David Clark, Headmaster, said; ‘I couldn’t be happier for our GCSE pupils and the sense of excitement amongst them was palpable today. After a year of disruption, they can’t wait for a return to normality and they are all very much looking forward to making the jump across Battle High Street to the Sixth Form Centre at Martlet House this September where we are certain they will go on to achieve great things with us at A Level.’

‘As always, it’s hard to pick out individuals for special praise but particular mention should go to Noah and Amber Allen, David Jempson, Michael Kouvarakis and Alex Wescott who all secured 9s and 8s exclusively (A* equivalent). Furthermore, Andrew Cameron, Annabelle Usher, Emma Cook, Jemima Larkin, Isabella Mariani, Olivia Mullarkey, Hettie Rankin and Charlotte Trimby all received 7-9 grades across the board (A and A* equivalent).’

‘Most of Battle Abbey School’s academic departments registered particularly pleasing results, especially at the top end. Biology and Chemistry saw some 89% of their cohorts achieve 7-9 grades while Physics, Astronomy and Further Maths all saw a frankly remarkable 100% of their grades at 7-9. Art, Music, History, Geography, Computer Science, PE and Textiles also hit the heights with around three quarters of all grades between 7-9. Most pleasing and a real strength of the School, was seeing how each department added academic value to their students giving them a real boost in confidence as they embark on their post 16 studies.’

‘Overall, we are just so proud of this year group. They worked consistently despite the many challenges of last year and the positive, can-do culture that was created by them and their teachers proved hugely beneficial throughout their GCSE journeys.’