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What our Parents say

All comment included here is taken from parent surveys and emails December 2016.


‘The whole experience our daughter has had so far has surpassed my expectations in every respect. She is happy, confident and is making fantastic progress both academically and socially. I couldn’t wish for more.(Year 11 parent)

‘It’s very difficult to put into so many words how we feel about the Abbey, however after just one term it’s clear it was the best possible choice for my daughter’s senior school education. We are both delighted and every expectation has so far been exceeded.’  (Year 8 parent)

‘The first and most obvious feeling we had upon starting at the Abbey is the feeling of family, a feeling of belonging and being part of something very special.’  (Year 8 parent)

‘Battle Abbey has a holistic approach to education – it’s not all about results and attainment – it’s about shared experiences, doing your best and learning about the world at large. As a result, Battle Abbey seems to produce very engaging, well rounded kids and its a pleasure to be in their company.’ (Year 11 parent)

‘You know the staff will endeavour to bring out the very best in your child and that the other parents there are seeking these same goals. The school listens and acts on points raised by students and parents. And of course the buildings and grounds create a sense of pride in the school and the history!’  (Year 8 parent)

‘The atmosphere is lovely and the best thing is that my daughter loves coming to school — what more could a parent want !!’ (Year 8 parent)

‘I chose Battle Abbey because I liked the friendly, approachable staff and the wonderful atmosphere of the school. The teachers really get to know the children and inspire them to achieve and be the best they can be.’ (Year 13 parent)  

‘The school has a great family atmosphere. The children really want to learn and are inspired to do so, and that makes all the difference.’ (Year 13 parent)

‘The most important element of my daughters first term is how completely comfortable and at ease she has felt from the very beginning of the year, in fact, before she even started at the Abbey. She feels as though she really counts for who she is, this has given her a greater degree of confidence which has been reflected in her academic success, she has also found a very nice friendship group.’ (Year 9 parent)

‘We have an incredibly happy child who enjoys all lessons and has made a super group of friends. She values relationships with all staff and cannot wait to get into school.’ (Year 7 parent)

‘The school is excellent! My child has been at the school for 2 years. She recently left at the end of Year 11 due to financial constraints but has returned because the school offers care, attention, and she is known by her Teachers, the Headmaster and all staff. This care and nurturing is simply not common in most schools.’ (Year 12 parent)

‘Both of our boys love being at Battle Abbey. They have a strong sense of belonging and they are known by the teaching staff. We are very pleased with how they are doing and the level of support that they receive. We feel that the teaching team are doing an excellent job.’  (Year 11 parent)

‘There is a warmth and family feel with a real sense of mutual respect between teachers and students. The school is
instantly welcoming and engaging.’ (Year 7 parent)

‘It’s an inclusive family! The school is warm, inviting and caring, with so much to offer every student at every level.’ (Year 8 parent)

‘The school has a family feel, has good academic results and looks to develop the “whole” child rather than just focus on exam results.’  (Year 7 parent)

‘We have been impressed with the leadership, accessibility of staff, the family atmosphere and pastoral support. Our son has gone from strength to strength since he joined the school and has a wonderful circle of friends across a number of years.’ (Year 10 parent)

‘There is a good family, community feel to the school and the parents, teachers and pupils are meshed together in a good way. Obviously the building itself is spectacular and you can never tire of looking at the stonework that is hundreds of years old and what it represents.(Year 7 parent)

‘The Abbey is a warm and welcoming environment. A nurturing place that has a family feel, we feel that we are part of something special.’ (Year 11 parent)

‘I am writing because I wanted to commend your staff and yourself in the most outstanding impact you have had on my daughter.  The difference in her inner-self and how she is learning to believe in herself and become more confident is really phenomenal.  In such a short space of time your team have nurtured her, welcomed her and inspired her in so many things.’ (Year 9 parent)

‘My son is very happy there which allows him to thrive socially and academically. He is keen to go to school and I am thrilled.’ (Year 9 parent)

‘Thank you for caring about my son and for seeing his potential. You are a fantastic team.’ (Year 7 parent)