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Sixth Form

Life in the sixth form is hard work but pupils are treated as mature young adults.

The sixth form mentors guide you through the university application, choice of subjects and a range of other challenges both great and small. There is no school uniform but the requirement to dress like young professional people.

The sixth form offers change, a wealth of new opportunities and a chance to prepare for the future.

Great stress is laid on continuity of education form the Nursery to the sixth form, and our syllabuses and schemes of work reflect this. Most sixth formers study four AS levels in year twelve, although a few study five. In year 13 pupils will study three A Levels and occasionally four. Work and progress is monitored by sixth form tutors. At A Level there are more than twenty subjects to choose from.


There are a comprehensive range of A and AS courses to choose from. We expect potential Sixth Formers have a minimum of six GCSE passes at grade C or above and will have achieved a B grade at GCSE in their chosen subjects.

Available courses are listed in the A Level curriculum document in this section.

What’s Sixth Form Like?

I can’t imagine the experience of being a Sixth Former at Battle Abbey is replicated anywhere else. The Abbey provides all the students with a friendly environment that helps us develop and grow into more mature independent people. There really is something for everyone, we have an excellent variety of over fifty clubs and societies and one of the perks of being a Sixth Former means you can create your own if there’s something you feel is missing. These activities can be of any nature from sport to academia and anything from debate club, to chess to hockey.
Dealing with the weight of A Levels can be daunting and put you under a lot of pressure to meet deadlines, however, teachers and peers are always there to support you. In our Sixth Form area we also have a number of great facilities to help you relax after a tough test or revision session. Having a toaster and kettle in our Common Room allows us to sit down with a cup of tea to socialise after a tough day. Being a Sixth Former at Battle Abbey gives you the freedom to develop and make your own mistakes while at the same time being supported by teachers that want you to succeed and achieve. As well as classes in our chosen subjects we are given a set amount of study periods in which we are required to write up notes, finish homework or ask teachers for additional help if needed. These are called study periods for a reason, having a TV as well as kitchen facilities to hand can of course be something of a distraction!
In our Sixth Form area we have a Common room, two Computer rooms and two Study rooms that overlook the beautiful Abbey ruins, as well as a teacher’s office to keep us on track and prevent people setting the toast on fire!
When it comes to the first term of year 13 we are all required to write personal statements in order to apply for University. The whole process of UCAS can be scary but the amount of support we get from the teachers is fantastic, every teacher is willing to help and we always know there is someone we can turn to when we’re struggling. Applying to University is a big step in all of our lives and the school arrange several conferences and open days for us to attend to ensure we all make the right decisions.
A-Level’s are of course the priority within Sixth Form, however, throughout the year we organise some superb social events to help keep the balance of academia and fun. A new tradition implemented for this year is called the Prefect’s Dinner, a dinner for Heads of Houses, Bronzes and Guardians. We also have the long standing traditions of Sixth Form Christmas Dinner as well as the Summer Ball; a celebration to mark the end of exams, which is run by our FOBAS council. As well as social events the school organises trips and bonding days to help us learn more about each other in the early few days. Theatre trips and days out are also a great way for us all to come together and develop friendships.
Battle Abbey offers a lot of opportunities for students to take on a responsibility and perform these to the best of their ability. In year 12 these include being a mentor within your house group (called Stars), as well as opportunities to become a Head of House, Guardian or Bronze in year 13. These duties allow us to develop our organisation and social skills that will aid us in the future.
All in all, sixth form life at Battle Abbey is a striking experience that will give you memories for life and serve as a fantastic end to your school career.

School Guardians 2016 – 2017