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Sixth Form

Life in the Sixth Form is hard work but pupils are treated as mature young adults.

The Sixth Form Mentors guide you through the university application, choice of subjects and a range of other challenges both great and small. There is no school uniform but the requirement to dress like young professional people.

The Sixth Form offers change, a wealth of new opportunities and a chance to prepare for the future.

Great stress is laid on continuity of education form the Nursery to the Sixth Form, and our syllabuses and schemes of work reflect this. Most Sixth Formers study four AS levels in Year 12, although a few study five. In Year 13 pupils will study three A Levels and occasionally four. Work and progress is monitored by Sixth Form Tutors. At A Level there are more than twenty subjects to choose from.


There are a comprehensive range of A and AS courses to choose from. We expect potential Sixth Formers have a minimum of six GCSE passes at grade C or above and will have achieved a B grade at GCSE in their chosen subjects.

Available courses are listed in the A Level curriculum document in this section.

What’s Sixth Form Like?

‘Life at Battle Abbey is constantly evolving for the pupils but the rate of change becomes much more pronounced during your final years here. Individuals become independent, responsible and ready for the next years of their life at University. We are encouraged to achieve the best possible grades of course but Battle life is much more than that; staff and pupils alike become enthusiastic leaders as well as participants in clubs, choir, and different charity events that are held every term by our four different Houses. There are so many activities that you can immerse yourself in! Emerging societies such as the Model UN in Sixth Form are run by students themselves and you are given the freedom to debate current subjects and issues from various points of views. Sixth Form enables you to vocalise your own opinions and begin to understand what beliefs are fundamental to you as an individual.

Traditions are a cornerstone of Battle Abbey life. Social events for Sixth Formers have become mainstays of the school calendar with the Sixth Form Christmas Dinner and the Summer Ball both particularly popular with the Sixth Form. Both of these are organised by the Guardians and other senior students who wish to take a role of responsibility. As well as Sixth Form traditions there are whole school traditions which everyone gets involved in. This would include the Christmas Lunch, followed by the annual paper fight in the last week of the Winter term, as well as numerous social events based on Key Stage, House or Year group. There are always an array of trips that occur each year such as the Ski Trip, various theatre trips and more for different subjects. We also offer exchanges with France and Spain if you take languages.

A focus at Battle is soft skills and leadership qualities which everyone is encouraged to develop. On top of the organisation of the Balls the school also allows students to take important roles in organising the charity events that occur, such as the Little Princess Concert that took place this past year, or the annual Easter Egg Hunt. A relatively new development that was put in place this year sees service periods allocated to Sixth Form pupils where students give two of their free periods, or tutor times, to help out in lessons for Year 7, 8, or 9. This not only looks great on your Personal Statement but it also means that the relationships across the school year groups develop, adding to the family atmosphere in the school.

The University application process can be an intimidating part of Sixth Form but there is so much support from both teachers and pupils. There is always someone willing to lend a hand, or give you a gentle nudge, to get you sorted well before the deadline. Help with the subjects themselves is always available; a teacher’s door is never going to be closed to a student who needs some extra assistance.

The opening of the schools new Martlet House facility has been a real asset to the Sixth Form and Sixth Form life in general. In addition to the Sixth Form kitchen and study area in the main school, we now have a Café run by Annie – the person to know when you need a cup of tea or coffee – as well as another silent study area, outside terrace, fitness suite and computer room. The facilities for Sixth Form here give you the freedom to choose how you work best at the school, although the silent study room is often very popular for Year 13’s, especially after January!

Overall, Sixth Form life here will never be boring and you will leave Battle Abbey as a well-rounded person, with skills both inside and outside of the classroom, fully equipped and ready for whatever exciting careers and adventures you desire after your time in secondary education.’

The Guardians 2017/2018