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School policies

School policy documentation is regularly updated, please contact info@battleabbeyschool.com with any questions.

Admissions policy (pdf) (updated February 2017)
Anti Bullying policy (pdf) (updated November 2016)
Attendance policy (pdf) (updated February 2017)
Behaviour for Learning policy (pdf) (updated April 2016)
Careers Edcuation policy (pdf) (updated February 2017)
Curriculum policy Prep (pdf) (updated February 2017)
Curriculum policy Senior (pdf) (updated February 2017)
Cyber Bullying policy (pdf) (updated November 2016)
Disability policy (pdf) (updated February 2017)
Discipline and Exclusion policy (pdf) (updated October 2015)
English as an Additional Language policy (pdf) (updated Jan 14)
Equal Opportunities policy (pdf) (updated Feb 16)
Health and Safety policy (pdf) (updated March 2017)
Parent Complaints policy (pdf) (updated March 2017)
Recruitment policy (pdf) (updated November 2016)
Restraint policy (pdf) (updated October 2016)
Safeguarding policy (pdf) (updated March 2017)
Special Educational Needs policy (pdf) (updated November 2016)
Trips and Events policy (pdf) (updated February 2016)