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Nursery children attending the breakfast club have access to a range of cereal, juice, toast etc. Effectively a scaled down continental breakfast! This is served at the Nursery from the kitchen facilities on site.

Those attending lunch will receive a hot meal as standard. Italian day on a Thursday is always popular and, for example, might see the children served lasagne and garlic bread, homemade pizza or spaghetti Bolognese. Chicken wraps, Cottage pie and sausage and mash are also popular options on other days. The older children (Oaks) tend to eat their main lunch meal at the Prep School across the field from the Nursery, while the younger Acorns are fed in situ at the Nursery.

Those attending High Tea on the extended late finish can expect a second hot meal. This would usually be scrambled eggs, beans on toast or similar.

If you would like more detailed information on the Nursery catering please contact Nursery manager Mrs Rapley on rapleyt@battleabbeyschool.com