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Catering at the Senior School

Our Senior Catering Team cater for Boarding and Day pupil meals throughout term time, providing three superb quality meals a day for pupils and staff alike. 

In our regular pupil surveys the catering and catering team come in for uniformly high praise.

The daily school catering team consists of the same personnel that cater for VIPs at our external lets outside term time and the quality is exceptional.

More praise for our catering team can be found on our weddings website.

What the pupils say about our Catering

‘Healthy and a good choice’ Year 9

‘Great food choices and variety’ Year 13

‘Absolutely love it. The staff are so friendly and there are so many options’ Year 13

‘A wide range of choice that caters for everyone’s needs’ Year 13

‘Delicious food with lots of options’ Year 7

‘A tasty, wide range and healthy’ Year 7

‘I love the food, all of the catering staff greet us with a smile’ Year 7

‘I think the food is great. The serving service is excellent and the staff are very nice’ Year 7

‘Nice there is enough for everyone and its different every day’ Year 9

‘There is amazing garlic bread!’ Year 9

‘Yummy, good sized, amazing and lovely variety of different things’ Year 7

‘I think the food is great at Battle Abbey. They give you lots of options to choose from’ Year 7

‘Yummy and well made’ Year 7

‘There are very good vegetarian options’ Year 10

‘A good variety of veggie options’ Year 10

‘The schools catering is outstanding, really amazing’ Year 10

‘Healthy, well balanced and good portion size’ Year 10