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Careers and Higher Education

At Battle Abbey, our aim is to inform and excite pupils about the opportunities available to them while in School and also looking ahead to the future.

The Careers Department engages and inspires pupils so they feel confident about their decisions and choices when planning the next stage in their academic lives. We offer a comprehensive and blended programme of Higher Education lessons, one-to-one guidance sessions, interactive events, career briefings, specialist speakers, interview training, GAP year planning and assistance with targeted and productive work experience placements.

The department works closely with teaching staff and tutors to guide and support pupils through their selection of GCSE and A level subjects, and then university and course choices. We ensure pupils are well informed and move on from Battle Abbey with an action plan for the future supported by a good academic record, a developing CV and a readiness to meet the challenges of university and the working world beyond.

A list of our visiting careers speakers this academic year:

William de Laszlo (INSPIRATIONAL SPEAKER) September 2016                            
Louise Sagar (MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGES) November 2016                        
Kevin Armstrong (MUSIC INDUSTRY) November 2016    
Chandni Radia (MEDECINE) 14th March 2017
Douglas Rowe (FINANCE) 16th March 2017    
Jayne Thwaites (NHS) 16th March 2017                        
Rob Foxall (LAW) 16th March 2017                        
Hannah Courtney-Bennett (CAREERS GUIDANCE) 16th March 2017                        
Sarah Waldie (GAP YEAR ADVICE) 16th March 2017                        
Zaki Badri (SENIOR PHARMACIST) 16th March 2017                                       
Maria Shearing (POLICE) 20th March    
Sela Hussein (DENTISTRY) 24th March
Karen Rigby Faux (CONSERVATION & ENVIRONMENT) 4th May 2017
Sam Ingall (RAF) 16th May 2017    
Mike Stallion (FILM INDUSTRY) 22nd May 2017
Dallas Smith (THEATRE AGENT) 25th May 2017
Paul Joyce (ARMY) 26th May 2017
Luke Hardy (SWIM UK) 21st June 2017
Roe Woodroffe (PSYCHOTHERAPIST) 23rd June 2017    
Kate Wakeham (LAW) 27th June 2017    
Alex Grant (PARAMEDIC) 27th June 2017
Rachael Brown (SPEECH & LANGUAGE THERAPY) 28th June 2017

Extended Project Qualification

Universities tell us that the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) Level 3 is an excellent preparation for undergraduate study as it gives real evidence of independent, critical thinking. It is a stand-alone qualification, an extension from studies, which enthuses students by offering the opportunity for open debate and research on their own topic. Students from Year 12 can opt to take the EPQ, alongside their A Level studies and will be taught skills such as researching effectively or time management. It is essential that students work independently, but have a supervisor and subject mentors who assesses their progress.

It focuses on:
•    A solid and coherent grounding in a specialist topic
•    An ability to undertake independent and self-directed learning
•    The ability to think laterally, critically and creatively
•    Problem solving
•    Reflective learning
•    Self-management
•    The development, presentation and communication of information
•    The delivery of a presentation to an audience

Please see below for an example of a recent EPQ project

Head of Careers and EPQ: Mrs Hebblethwaite

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