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Academic Results

Battle Abbey School – Times top 150!

As announced in The Times on 26th August Battle Abbey School comes in at 130 in the UK for coeducational A Level results. This is based on the percent of A and A* grades achieved. Outside Brighton only one other school, in Eastbourne, ranked higher in East Sussex.


41% of all A Level grades were at A* – A
65% of all A Level grades were at A* – B
81% of all A Level grades were at A* – C
15% of all A Level grades were A*
32% of all GCSE grades were at A* and A

Recent University Destinations: Cambridge, Imperial, UCL, Warwick, Exeter, Lancaster, Reading, Southampton, Bath, Leeds, Manchester, Edinburgh, Royal Holloway, King’s College London and Nottingham among others.
To study: Architecture, International Marketing, Law, Ancient History, Urban Planning, Psychology, Economics, Midwifery, Aeronautical Engineering, Maths, French & German, Marine Biology, Environmental Geology, Medicine,

A note about the GCSE Results The result summary on this website will differ from those published by the Department for Education (and possibly those by other schools for comparison). This is because, at Battle Abbey, Geography and Mathematics are assessed using the iGCSE option offered by Cambridge International Examinations. This is quite common practice in top independent schools because these qualifications are more internationally recognised and provide more rigorous preparation for ‘A’ Levels. Sadly, the Department for Education have decided not to include these qualifications when publishing GCSE statistics.